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The Wi-Fi network at the University of Cantabria covers all the buildings and some outdoors areas of the main campus with over 800 access points. There are two WiFI identifiers (called SSID) at the University of Cantabria: UNICAN-i and eduroam. 

The UNICAN-i is the SSID (signal identification) suitable for those who already have a UNICAN account. It provides access to more internal services.

The Eduroam SSID (signal identification) can be used by those who belong to a university or institution which is member of the eduroam project (see below). It also can be used with a UNICAN account and it's the network suitable for tablets and smartphones. Most visiting faculty and exchange students use eduroam.

Short term visiting faculty and students who can’t get a UNICAN account and don’t belong to a eduroam member institution can still get access to our Wi-Fi network trough the UNICAN-i for Guest.

UNICAN-i Wifi Network

(Long term visiting faculty and students)

Those who are eligible for a UNICAN account should use the UNICAN-I Wi-Fi network.

The UNICAN-I Wifi network is very easy to use. You only need to connect to it (it’s an open network) and point your favorite browser (once you are connected) to You login and you will have the necessary software (call Network Connect) automatically installed. Notice that in Linux and Mac you must have the Java Runtime installed beforehand. 

The UNICAN-i can’t be use with most of smartphones and tablets so we recommend using eduroam instead. 

More information about how to configure and use UNICAN-i (only available in Spanish).

Eduroam Wifi Network

(Long and short term visiting faculty and students)

Eduroam (Educational Roaming) is an international eu​ropean born project aimed at creating a single WiFi space, allowing wireless Internet access easily while staying at an institution associated with the project.
Anyone coming from an organization member of Eduroam can access the Wi-Fi service offered by our university with credentials (username/password) used at its own institution/university. You don’t need any special username/password.

Check this page if you want to know if your institution is member of Eduroam. Most of the universities of Europe, Canada and Australia are members. Recently some US colleges & universities are also joining eduroam.

Even if you own a UNICAN account you must use the eduroam Wi-Fi network in smartphones and tablets (with you UNICAN username or the username of your institution of origin).


Wifi Network for Guest (UNICAN-i para Invitados)

(Short term visiting faculty and students)

 This service is suitable for visiting faculty, staff and short term students (such Language Center students), from an institution not joined to the Eduroam project.

Please notice that most of European, Canadian and Australian higher education institutions take part of the eduroam system, so usually European, Canadian and Australian visitors (faculty, students or staff) can use the Eduroam Wi-Fi Network with their own username/password (see above for more information about Eduroam) without any additional step or special request. Some US colleges & universities are also recently joining.

Full or half term exchange students (like Erasmus students) must use the wifi network provided to regular students once they get their UNICAN account.
In order to get a guest account, your host at the University of Cantabria must fill a request. Tell her/him to contact the IT Service well in advance.