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Connecting to Eduroam network on Windows Phone

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​​​ Wireless​ Manual Configuration for Windows Phone:

This manual explains how to set up your Windows Phone device to use the Eduroam wireless network at the University of Cantabria. 

From the Windows Phone Home screen, tap Settings and then tap WiFi:


Tap Wi-Fi to turn-on wireless (if is not already on).​ When the WiFi list appears, tap eduroam. 

If we are at the University of Cantabria, it will show up two WiFi networks: Unican-i and Eduroam.  For devices like smartphones or tablets we will use Eduroam because it's easier, and often the only network which works.​

We tap on it in order to connect:

We will then be prompted for login/credential information.


 We must introduce our username and password.​ ​The username is like the following one according to each domain.
For Faculty:
For Staff
For students:
For example, if we are a student with an usernamr xyz01, we will have to sign in with the following user:
Remember that the password will be the same we have for the university email.

If it's the first time that we connect to this network, the server will show us the certificate in use. It's usefull for check that we are connecting to the right network and not to a fake one with the same name. We have to tap accept it for finish and connect successfully.


From now on, as long as we have enough coverage, we will connect to the​​ Eduroam network automatically.​